Chinese New Year Gathering 2024

Not much to say. This is my second Chinese New Year in the U.S., had a crazy but wonderful night with a couple of good friends. I love everyone here. Here is a photo of what we had: (Photo by Xu Wu).

February 10, 2024

New Year Jottings

Welcome to 2024! 2024 means a lot to me, in different ways. One is because it is my “本命年”, which is my animal year in Chinese zodiac. I can’t believe I’m 24 years old. I thought I would be mature, success, young, and beautiful when 24, but here I am, still childish, frenetic sometime, and messy most of the time. But generally I’m satisfied with myself now. My family are healthy, my school life has been awesome, I am still close with my friends, I still read and play around with music....

January 10, 2024