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2024 Feb & Mar

No. Title Author Rating(out of 5) Category Review
1 La Place
Annie Ernaux 3.5 Biography How a daughter saw, felt, and evaluated her relationship with her dad? What role does mother play in the father-daughter relationship?
2 Invisible Women
Caroline Criadoperez 4 Feminism There are many things that we take for granted, but only after we put gender into them do we realize that they are designed for men!There are so many unseen aspects of women, both in the light and in the dark, that it takes a lot of thinking outside the box to break the so-called "traditions".
3 The King Bows and Kills
Herta Müller 5 Literature It's been too long since I've read words so life-affirming that I feel like I'm going to be peeled back and seen through by the author the next second.Every word spoken harbors the gaze of another, and the diary can't be completely honest with itself, with third-party eyes running through every second, and every corner.å

2024 Jan

No. Title Author Rating(out of 5) Category Review
1 A Writer's Diary
Virginia Wolf 4 Literature The second half during the war is more attractive.
2 Becoming Beauvoir:A Life
Kate Kirkpatrick 5 Biography Never before have I felt so much like a man in terms of my worldview and mode of living. To see Beauvoir, forever in conflict, growing, struggling, to see how women struggle to strip away the shackles that bind them to men, to see women's unconscious self-attack and self-rescue.
3 Sakhalin Island
Anton Chekhov 3.5 Travel Notes More serious than a travel diary, more entertaining than an academic book. Honestly I'm not a fan.
4 The Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Encounters in the Wild
Craig Childs 3 Literature Fun to read. All creatures have souls.
Mary Beard 4 Feminism A booklet. Until today, the female figure remains absent from the top echelons of power, and the gender violence of civilization lies in its neglect. When will we think of words like "powerful" without the first male figure coming to mind? There is a long way to go in stripping oppressive positive words of their gender shackles, in order to get them out of the gender frame.
6 The Memory Chalet
Tony Judt 3 Autobiography Memoirs. You can always find something to resonate when a historian wrote autobiography.
7 观念的水位 刘瑜 3 Political Critics 不好看,不值得,不推荐。
8 成为雍正 : 从隐忍的胤禛到帝国权力巅峰 李正 3 History 个人比较喜欢的B站历史区up主,但说实话写成书就没必要了。
9 鳄鱼手记 邱妙津 3 Literature 台湾文学有时候敏感到了令我不适的地步。女性之间的爱实在无需如此撕心裂肺。
10 The Roots of Romanticism
Sir Isaiah Berlin 5 Literature Critics Finished it on my flight back to the States. Rather than philosophy, this is more of literature critics. Berlin's writing is elegant, beautiful, and incredibly smooth. I love this world more after reading this.
11 Patrimony: A True Story
Philip Roth 3.5 Memoirs How we face the death of others, the death of our loved ones, and our own death? The topic of death is something that runs through our whole life.
12 Look at the Lights, My Love Annie Ernaux 4 Literature Shopping with Nobel Prize Winner. Fun to read.
13 最小的海 叶昕昀 3 Literature 没有达到预期。
14 Cinderalla's Sisters: A Revionist History of Footbinding
高彦颐 Dorothy Ko 4 History Definitions of Female Beauty, Culture, Power, and Sex ...... Who says there is no alternative to foot binding now? From the individual to the group, the gaze of others is a shackle that is extremely difficult to break free from.

2023 Dec

No. Title Author Rating(out of 5) Category Review
1 Savage Continent: Europe in the Aftermath of World War II
Keith Lowe 4 History There is a wealth of data and historical information, some of which is yet to be verified. After reading the book, I realized that: 1) no ordinary person on one side of a war is a winner; 2) there is no limit to the evil of human nature; and 3) the power of "identity" and "emotion" is a kind of leverage that can be used for politics.
2 All Men Are Mortal
Simone de Beauvoir 4 Literature Finished this in a bookstore in Zhengzhou. You may feel blue after reading it.
3 秦岭记 贾平凹 3 Literature 没有惊喜也不太失望。贾平凹的文字瑰丽诡谲,想象力丰富,不过读完忘得也快。